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Fortified with the latest sulphur/phosphorous based extreme pressure (EP)technology available, LUBRIMAR Gear Oils are formulated for superior protection of gears in even the most adverse conditions Formulated to resist rust, oxidation, foaming, and varnish, LUBRIMAR gear oils also exhibit excellent protection in hypoid gears in automotive axles under high-speed and/or low-speed, high-torque conditions. LUBRIMAR Gear Oils are available in a multitude of base stock and additive formulations, many of which exceed the performance requirements of API GL-5 as well as several industrial and OEM specifications. ISO and SAE viscosities available include but are not limited to the following:

ISO 100 EP

ISO 150 EP

ISO 220 EP

ISO 320 EP

ISO 460 EP





SAE 90

SAE 140


LUBRIMAR hereby warrants all labeled and branded products against specified lubrication failure when used in accordance with the product label and product specifications. LUBRIMAR guaranties all labeled and branded products meet or exceed labeled industry specifications.

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